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Laser Alignment of Rotating Machinery

Misalignment is one of the most common and destructive faults in rotating machinery, and yet one of the simplest to identify and correct. MMS engineers use the latest technology to align rotating machine to the tightest tolerances high speed machinery demands. This is sometimes from our own condition monitoring work, often vibration analysis.

The correct alignment of machinery couplings of fans, pulleys, blowers, pumps compressors and gearboxes is crucial to prolonged life of the machine and will greatly reduce failures and unscheduled stoppages. Misalignment which is not rectified may have destructive consequences on:

o Bearings
o Seals
o Belts & pulleys
o Shafts
o Couplings
o Drives
o Impellers

Condition Monitoring is about capturing these potential failures early using predictive maintenance

Accurate Alignment will provide these long term benefits:

o Improved machine reliability and productivity.
o Reduced machine repair costs
o Reduced labour costs
o Reduced power consumption of machinery
o Minimization of machine installation and repair time.
o Allow verification of machine performance throughout the machine life.

Ask for our Alignment Standards document by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ tab.

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Lin retires

Lin Skelton is well known to many of our customers as their first point of contact with MMS. But now, having put off retirement several times, she has finally decided that holidaying is better than working!

In the 12 years she has worked here she has taken on so many roles:- scheduler, training coordinator, order processor, PA, office manager etc. In fact there were very few tasks that Lin didn’t take on and all completed with a smile and her customary professionalism.

We shall miss you Lin but wish you the best for the future.