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In-Situ Balancing

MMS can carryout both dual plane and single plane static balancing in-situ of fans, blowers and most types of rotating elements. Usually detected from our own vibration analysis as part of an effective condition monitoring program.

The condition of imbalance can be devastating, can rapidly deteriorate and yet is simple to rectify. A vibrating out of balance fan may just seem like a nuisance but the long term effects can be fundamentally damaging and catastrophic failure can be fatal! The Ultimate Predictive Maintenance solution.

What is In-Situ Balancing?

In-situ balancing means we can significantly reduce high vibration levels caused by imbalance without the need for a major shutdown and outage. Usually in a short space of time and with the minimum of inconvenience the rotating element can be rectified on site. The benefits are many:

o Reduced downtime
o Minimum effect on process
o Dramatic reduction in maintenance costs
o Greater efficiency
o Reduced vibration & noise
o Prolonged bearing life

What is involved?

Although the machine remains on site, the balancing engineers do require periodic stoppage’s of the machine, isolations and access hatch removal. This is to enable inspection and cleaning of impellers, the fitting of trial weights and final balance weights. Usually only a handful of run up’s and run downs are required and are a far better option than removal of the whole machine for a factory balance.

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Lin retires

Lin Skelton is well known to many of our customers as their first point of contact with MMS. But now, having put off retirement several times, she has finally decided that holidaying is better than working!

In the 12 years she has worked here she has taken on so many roles:- scheduler, training coordinator, order processor, PA, office manager etc. In fact there were very few tasks that Lin didn’t take on and all completed with a smile and her customary professionalism.

We shall miss you Lin but wish you the best for the future.