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Since its creation in 1990 Machine Monitoring Systems Ltd (MMS) has grown to become the foremost provider of condition monitoring and asset reliability services in the UK.

MMS provides a professional and comprehensive suite of services to all types of industry. Improving the reliability of your assets is our main goal and to do this we deploy a variety of condition based maintenance tools.

With a nation-wide team of skilled specialist engineers, MMS is unique in offering quality and cost-effective services on an international basis to support your business.

This has been achieved by employing experienced and trained personnel and by developing long-term partnerships with our clients. Industries supported include major production companies from Paper to Food, Power and Water Utilities, Facilities Managers and Building Service Providers.

With a typical (minimum) ROI of 10:1 no manufacturer or utility can ignore the potential cost of having unreliable assets. An asset reliability improvement program can improve the health and reliability of assets while at the same time reducing maintenance costs. Both add considerable value to any business.

Talking of asset reliability, consider E-ON, one of the world’s largest providers of energy, with power plants all over the UK, providing essential heat and power to many industries. Asset reliability is critical to E-ON‘s success and MMS is playing a big part in that success. Contact us to hear the full story.

Worldwide Reliability Services
Now in conjunction with our European partners MMS has formed Global Reliability Services Group. This partnership recognises that the case for improving asset reliability has never been stronger – no matter where you are in today’s global economy.

What if the value of more reliable assets could be unlocked throughout the entire global operations of a business using a common set of proven tools and processes and from a single source?

This is the goal that Global Reliability Services Group (GRS Group) has set itself.

Our role is to provide condition monitoring and asset maintenance services by harnessing the skills of our worldwide partners to deploy a common approach to improving the reliability of assets.

Each member has a high quality reputation in their geographical and specialist areas and has the resources, knowledge and experience to develop and operate effective condition monitoring, maintenance and reliability programs. Our individual and collective success is founded on our ability to exceed client expectations – every time.

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