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Hand Arm Vibration

Extensive Hand Arm and Whole-Body Monitoring and Assessment Services from MMS

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is more commonly known across Industry as ‘White Finger’. The legal name has been changed to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome because prolonged use of vibrating tools can cause long-term damage to more than just fingers, for example; hands, arms and joints.

Exposure to vibration, and in particular hand arm vibration is thought to affect around 5 million workers, with about 40% or nearly 2 million of these considered to be at high risk of developing Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

By law, as an employer, you must assess and identify measures to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure to hand-arm vibration so that you can protect your workforce.

The Control of Vibration at Work Act 2005

Hand Arm Vibration

Problems can be avoided by monitoring the vibration levels in portable power tools and by controlling the time individuals operate them in a working period.

MMS can test all your on site hand-operated machinery for acceptable levels of vibration and advise and report the period of time permitted by law that an individual may use it for. Tools such as:

  • Grinders
  • Drills
  • Polishers
  • Saws
  • Snips
  • Cutters

All come under the legislation which can be downloaded below.

HSE Hand Arm Vibration Legislation

Download and view an MMS Hand Arm Vibration Report example

MMS HAV Report

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