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Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis / Tribology

Oil sampling is one of the easiest and most effective condition monitoring tools offered by MMS and can provide excellent predictive maintenance assistance. Trending particle counts can be an early sign of bearing and seal wear long before vibration analysis and thermal imaging techniques can be affective. Another powerful tool in your condition monitoring program.

Oil Analysis can highlight the following:

  • ISO standard particle counts.
  • Oil additives and contaminants.
  • Analysis of wear metals.
  • Ferrous debris content.
  • Viscosity changes.
  • Sample examination under a microscope.

General oil sampling does not need to be so in-depth and can just be the technique we use to advise you of when oil and lubricants should be changed, simple condition monitoring.

MMS can provide our clients with complete sampling kits, which contain; sample bottles, Pumps & tubing and all the necessary pre-paid return packaging.

MMS Engineers can also work with you and gather the samples as part of an on-site condition monitoring oil collection schedule.

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