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Partial Discharge Testing

MMS Partial discharge testing is used to determine the condition of HV assets such as cables, boards, transformers and other electrical items.

Using the latest lightweight hand-held partial discharge detector MMS can detect both Surface Discharges and Internal TEV Discharges. A simple but effective condition monitoring technique.

The value of partial discharge testing is acknowledged as invaluable in determining equipment condition. The purpose of such testing is to enhance electrical reliability. It is a fact that HV equipment failures often happen because of partial discharge. These partial discharges represent failure of the insulation and can create sparking or arcing across the surface of the insulation. Again MMS believes it is better to have a culture of Predictive Maintenance than essential maintenance.

MMS Partial Discharge Testing is therefore essential in finding electrical defects in HV assets before they reach final failure mode. An essential condition monitoring tool in today’s demanding maintenance enviroment.

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