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I would like to pass on our thanks to yourself and your team for their assistance over the last few weeks with the gas compressor. The change out of the NDE bearings showed them to be suffering some damage. It was impressive to see it identified through the routines, your advise and assistance in agreeing the best course of action was appreciated, I’m sure we will be able to draw on this experience in the future.

Food Processing

Let me thank you for the job done at our plant.
This month we reached 91.3% of assets in green ie good condition, which is the highest score since we started up.
This is a consistent result of the job done by our maintenance team together with MMS.
Each month, after the measurements are done, the outcoming report is extensively discussed and explained, then an action plan is outlined and executed before the next visit.
In addition, each month you prepare a “class/lecture” about different issues related to the current problems that were found (eg misalignment, unbalance etc) teaching all of us, and helping us to do a better job.
Thanks for your commitment, professional work, very good attitude towards our local team, and above all, in helping our plant reach higher levels of reliability.
Indeed under the current market conditions it helps the business considerably.


Thanks for the excellent reports, we’ll get on with the checks straight away.

Middle East Client

It’s my duty to thank you and rest of people of MMS for the great support given to our project.
It’s appreciated not only the huge technical help but also the nice mood and attitude while dealing with our team.
I know that it’s tiring to fly over and make the visits but indeed is contributing to the good results that we get.
You and your guys played a key role in the results of this plant till now. Thanks for that.
I encourage you and request as well to keep on supporting this location in the time to come.


Unit transformer 12 had only half of its cooling system in operation due to, it turns out, a major air lock.
Manufacturers Brush have confirmed that in the event of Unit Tx 11 circuit tripping, & Unit Tx 12 picking up its load, even with forced air cooling via integral fans, Transformer 12 could not have been operated safely with only half of the cooling system in operation.
Repair work has been carried out on both transformers & the thermal images from our own camera show the transformers to be operating correctly.
This could have had cost implications into the hundreds of thousands of pounds in asset damage & loss of operational revenue.


I have been in receipt of MMS’s services at this site and formerly at other co-generation sites. I have found the service reliable, informative with punctual reports. I like the way surveys are carried out with little or no disruption to site staff and with all of the information contained in the site report which is returned promptly.


I will never forget the excellent help we got from you and your team in Egypt !


Please see a proposal as requested from MMS regarding the proposal of contracting out machine monitoring.
MMS covers all the machine monitoring at our site and we are particularly pleased with the quality of service, thoroughness and calibre of personnel in delivering a comprehensive and professional package.
I would suggest that you deal direct with each other if you would like to consider this for your site.


Subject: new milestone in M & R
All ,
I am glad to communicate a new achievement of our Mechanical Maintenance Team reaching a staggering 93.5% of assets in “green area”.
Average for Europe is approx 85% ... therefore our current results are becoming best in class for our BU.
Results have come from the dedication of the whole team, who are focused in Maintenance & Reliability and have a relentless determination to improve.
It is great to see how this team push the performance upwards, digging into the details, learning from mistakes and are always committed.
Good to mention the outstanding support and collaboration from MMS our Pdm Provider.
My congratulations to the team, well done and lets go for more !

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