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Thermal Imaging

MMS offers the very latest in infra-red technologies for industry fault detection and predictive maintenance programmes. Our trained engineers have many years experience in using thermal imaging to detect potential failures in electrical and mechanical environments as part of your condition monitoring program.

Non intrusive Thermal Imaging using the latest technologies:

  • Loose / dirty terminals
  • Phase imbalance
  • Current overload
  • Poor cooling of panels and mechanical assets
  • Under & over lubricated bearings
  • Heat loss from ovens, buildings
  • Pipe blockages
  • Electrical fire prevention
  • Poor Insulation

Just some of the problems thermal imaging can detect easily and safely without the need to stop your equipment or process aiding all planing as a useful predictive maintenance scheduling tool.

When we have detected and localised the hotspots that could lead to a failure we produce a comprehensive report(s) which are issued by email or on CD-ROM to all your predictive maintenance team.

Download a sample Electrical Survey Report

All Thermographic surveys are followed up with a comprehensive written report using MMS’s unique coding system outlined below.

Thermal Imaging Applications

Building Diagnostics

Determine the condition of roofing systems and the extent of water ingress. Locate missing or insufficient insulation in exterior walls and identify energy robbing air infiltration. Please click here for an example image.

Mechanical Inspection
Scan rotating equipment for thermal anomalies such as overheated bearings and misaligned motor shafts. Locate condenser air in leakage, improperly operating steam traps and underground water and steam leaks, used in conjunction with our vibration analysis engineers.

Provide insights into sub surface structural defects in advanced composite materials, identify corrosion in aircraft structures and diagnose the quality of welds. Software solutions extend the application of thermography into many applications areas.

Examine the overall condition of refractory lined vessels such as steel ladles, process furnaces and rotary kilns.

Electrical Inspection
Survey electrical distribution and transmission systems for hot spots caused by loose connections, damage, load imbalances and other failure mechanisms. Infra-reds ability to determine the severity of problems enables cost-effective servicing of your entire electrical system infrastructure, essential predictive maintenance.

Coding System Sample

- High Voltage -

ONE Danger : Immediate repair required > 50
TWO Critical : Repair as soon as possible 30-50
THREE Warning : Schedule repair 20-30
FOUR Alert : Monitor and repair as necessary < 20

- Low Voltage -

ONE Danger : Immediate repair required > 30
TWO Critical : Repair as soon as possible 20-30
THREE Warning : Schedule repair 10-20
FOUR Alert : Monitor and repair as necessary 5-10
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