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Vibration Analysis & Monitoring

MMS is now established as one of the UK’s leading providers of vibration monitoring and analysis services and other condition monitoring methods based around vibration such as phase analysis and resonance testing. We provide a national network of experienced and qualified engineers with a vast knowledge base with many years experience in predictive maintenance tools including vibration monitoring and analysis.

Brought together in one company, these engineers are drawn from industries as diverse as food processing, chemical, paper, power, automotive and general industry.

This unrivalled experience means that you can expect:

  • Significant reductions in downtime
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Maintenance cost savings
  • Greater control of planned maintenance
  • Increase in productivity
  • Noise reduction improving environmental pollution
  • Peace of mind

Vibration Analysis = Predictive Maintenance not Reactive Maintenance

We can provide vibration analysis in many ways:

  • Complex in-depth analysis on problematic machinery
  • Large route based data acquisition and analysis
  • System setup and audit
  • On site partnerships
  • Equipment supply & Training
  • Remote data analysis

How does it work?
Vibration monitoring and analysis can identify most mechanical faults in rotating machinery, such as imbalance, misalignment, looseness and even lubrication and bearing defects. All of these faults produce their own particular vibration signatures which our skilled engineers can recognise as potential faults at the very early stages. A significant aid in any predictive maintenance program.

Why do I want to know early?
It is important to capture faults at the earliest opportunity as prolonged excessive vibration will increase stress on bearings, foundations and other components which will have long-term issues long after the original source vibration is rectified, for example leaving a fan out of balance for many months may just seem a nuisance and eventually getting it balanced to reduce the noise. However, you may have induced bearing defects, weakened base and foundations and transmitted deterioration to adjacent machinery. Not such a quick and cheap job anymore!

Condition monitoring using effective vibration analysis would allow for quicker, simpler and cheaper maintenance.

MMS vibration analysis will save you money!
Customers are provided with an accurate and informative report on plant condition either in hard copy, CD-ROM, e-mail or in person by their regular MMS site engineer.

Download a sample Vibration Survey Report

Vibration Monitoring and analysis: Case Studies

Building Services
A major building in the City of London was able to reduce the cost of its maintenance contract by £250,000 annually following the introduction of a vibration analysis system as part of its predictive maintenance program.

Process Industries
A Vibration Monitoring program run by MMS at a Kent paper mill has yielded a consistent 25:1 return each year.

Power Generation
Vibration Monitoring on Power Station auxiliary plant has been shown to produce a cost benefit of over £6M by avoiding penalty payments caused by unscheduled breakdowns. Showing well planned condition monitoring programs including vibration analysis are one of the most powerful predictive maintenance aids engineers can have.

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